MtSSP database release


MtSSPdb is available now at MtSSPdb.

MtSSP database hosts large-scale genomics and transcriptomics data in M. truncatula, and provides multiple functions to search, analyse, and visualize different datasets. The aim of this database is to provide a detailed description of Small Signaling Peptides (SSPs) in M. truncatula, which were recently identified by our group. MtSSPdb includes a complete catalog of 70,094 M. truncatula genes, including 2,455 SSP genes, and 1,970 putative SSP genes predicted. Also, a peptide library with several synthetic peptides tested in different plant species is available.


The SSP Gene Expression Atlas in M. truncatula is part of the MtSSPdb, and hosts a rich RNA-seq data from diverse biological conditions, such as macronutrient deficiencies, nodule development, salt stress, symbiotic interactions, different tissues, and hormone treatments of 14 experiments represented by 129 conditions (treatments) and 433 samples. SSP-GEA allows users to query for the expression levels of your gene(s)/transcript(s) of interest, analyze the expression or co-expression, or perform GO and KEGG analyses.


For any questions and comments about the SSP project, please contact the principal investigator of the project - Dr. Wolf Scheible ( or the Co-PI - Dr. Patrick Zhao ( from Noble Research Institute. For questions and suggestions regarding the Web Server, please contact site administrator.