This project is supported by National Science Foundation - grant number 1444549, and Noble Research Institute, LLC.


Major goals of the project are:

  • Gene mining for signaling peptide-coding genes from known and novel families.
  • Identification of signaling peptide-coding gene transcripts with macro-nutrient-status dependent expression.
  • Development of a peptide library for biochemical genomics as a community resource.
  • Screening of the library and overexpressing lines for visible and molecular phenotypes.
  • Investigation of peptides on root nodule development.
  • Development of a Medicago small signaling peptide database.
  • Identification of genetic loci associated with natural diversity in responses to bioactive signaling peptides.
  • Identification of a peptide receptor by genetic or biochemical means.
  • Investigation of the effect of selected signaling peptides on alfalfa.